Untold Stories

rumors that have never been heard...

events that have never been get sight of...

stories that have never been told...

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Once upon a time it was all part of something larger: someone's lives,
some events... it was important for someone... someone followed this...

Now these are just stories... Stories that will never be told to anyone,
that no one will ever know...

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Chronicle of erased files

Oddly enough, the life of information on the Internet is even more fleeting
than other sources, such as books or films. Because the book can lie for a
hundred years, and the link on the Internet will stop working in tens of years
because the site has not been paid for, because the server is destroyed, or
is simply de-energized, or sold. This is how information is lost.

People think that with the advent of the digital age, they were able to save
their information, but this is not so. The good old manuscript lives much
longer and keeps your memory much more reliable than a blog, website, or forum.

The more difficult the recording method, the more reliable and durable it is.

After all, drawings on stones have existed for tens of thousands of years,
and the other forms of writing are less tenacious. Although ... time will tell.

But I do not think that the current state of technology would allow us to
preserve at least some information about our civilization.

We only have to rely on writing and drawings on the walls.

#000 - Introduction - 09:32 08.09.2021

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