"Chronicle of erased files"


It doesn't matter where you go as long as you follow the call of the street. This strange quiet whisper, which can be easily heard even in the loudest, never falling asleep metropolitan areas. This whisper is heard by those who live on the streets. If you learn to distinguish this quiet, barely audible, but very distinct voice, you can, by trusting in its monotonous lulling rhythm, learn the secrets that are hidden among the roads, alleys, bars, hospitals, and schools of this city.

This voice is a bit like a radio. It is either barely audible or drowned out by interference, then it is distinct and loud as if the source of the sound is behind your shoulder. Someone compares it to the beating of a heart and tries to guess the rhythm of the city itself in its rhythms.

One way or another, everyone who claims that they can hear this mystical whisper, agree on one thing - to hear it is still half the battle. It is much more difficult to make out what this disembodied narrator is trying to convey in his quiet but confident speeches.

I was fortunate enough to know a homeless vagabond who claimed that the city was supposedly talking to him. This guy gave the impression of a patient who escaped from a psychiatric hospital, but when I talked with him for a while and watched the tricks that he gets up to, I had to change my mind. Another my friend told me that there is some kind of strange secret bar, which can only be entered by people of a certain type. And my neighbor in the parking lot, who lives in the next house, claimed that his rooms have some strange layout and it is much easier to get lost in this seemingly small house than in the most confusing streets of the city.


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