Atlantis has been exciting the minds of people since the days of Ancient Greece. Legends attribute her disappearance to the wrath of the Gods, more mundane theories speak of a natural cataclysm. But the reality is much worse.

The fact is that the civilization we call Atlantis was highly developed, both technologically and culturally. At some point, the minds of the Atlanteans were seized by the imposition of the idea of protecting the environment. This thought was not an ordinary meme agent, which is contained in many in the notorious Foundation. It was Psychoparasite - a relict unicellular organism that followed the path of parallel gene transfer and managed to form a single consciousness without having a single body. Gradually increasing the volume of his intellect and having no ideological competition, he kept in the background.

And then one day Psychoparasite concluded that it was time for him to take the top of the food chain. But instead of turning all people into terrible mutants, gathering into one huge creature, or using other cinematic flares, this monster decided to eliminate its competitor more elegantly. Having an intellectual superiority over each person, it was not difficult for Psychoparasite to instill in individual charismatic people one simple idea that it is bad to pollute the environment.

Gradually, year after year, Psychoparasite inspired this idea to new people, at the same time bringing it to the point of absurdity among the old carriers. As a result, the Atlanteans transferred their whole life to ecology. Decaying dishes, building materials, electronics. Until one day everything collapsed. At that time, all the culture, science, and production of the Atlanteans were made from these same self-recyclable materials. When everything around just started to melt, they were helpless. Medicine, communications, manufacturing, and even clothing - at one point everything simply disappeared, plunging society into chaos and anarchy.

Only a few survivors were later able to stray into small groups, which later became the progenitors of what we now know as Neanderthals..

And what about Psychoparasite. He left this world long ago. It is not known for certain where he went, because by that time the remnants of mankind had lost their knowledge of writing. But the oral tradition that has passed through the centuries and is unchanged from the natives of America to the aborigines of Australia speaks of a certain Heavenly Father...

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