"True rules of night walks"

1. Take a chocolate bar at the convenience store.

2. Children's voices will show the way.

3. Be ware with purple light.

4. Arches and passages do not lead where they usually go.

5. Basketball courts are fenced off with a net for a reason. Each such site is inhabited by several entities, that can be dangerous for those, who are ill-prepared to meet them. Don't go there unless absolutely necessary.

6. With fog, you can't be sure of anything. Only intuition and instinct work here.

7. The main thing in the dark is a solid support with the feet. Beware of earth, puddles and old boards. This rule has given rise to rumors that those who listen to the voice of the City are forbidden from touching the soil on which it is built.

8. Lighting and viewing angle have a lot to do with it. Red lens glasses can help with this.

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