"The Gzhel & Horologer"

- A Horologer who uses Gzhel?

- More like Gzhel, who uses a horologer...

- Is there a difference?

- For Gzhel, or for a horologer?

- For both.

- for Gzhel, no, because she is both the Creator and the Creation. Therefore, whether she is used, or she uses someone, there is no difference. The Horologer is only the Creator, and it is typical for the Creator to use Creations. If a horologer is used, he himself becomes a Creation, one of the Mechanisms. A horologer is a hypostasis of one concept. Gzhel contains both concepts. Someone might say "so apply Gzhel to the horologer! what's the problem?". Because it's impossible. It can be more accurate to apply a pattern on the body, but this is not the problem. Or a person will remain a horologer, retaining his Will. Or he will become Gzhel, ceasing to be a horologer.

- About applying Gzhel, I think everything is much more prosaic: the horologer simply will not survive the baking of the glaze.

- I wouldn't underestimate the horologers. Some of them can withstand even more severe tests...

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