"The story of a bar, that was lost at cards."

There was one bar, the business of its owner was not going well, there were almost no visitors. Desperate, he decided to play cards with very rummy guys. And he lost. In payment of the debt, they took his bar. It seems that they were going to open in its place either a fast food restaurant or a store. The problem was that the previous owner of this bar was not so simple. Either he himself, or the one from whom he received this bar, entered into a contract with much more powerful forces. It was said that he allegedly pawned his soul or something like that. Like it or not - no one will remember now. But those who received the bar could not do anything with it. It just stood there, boarded up and dilapidated, for several years (perhaps even a decade or so). There were rumors that it was because of a curse. They also said that at that time these guys won unfairly in cards. And that they played not with simple cards, but with something like Tarot. In the end, although they got the bar, they could not get any benefit from it. Some say it's because the bar actually belonged to someone really powerful. Someone says that it's all the fault of ordinary greed, which destroyed the magic of the contract. As it was in fact, no one will remember. It is authentically known that the bar closed after the game, and stood like that for about ten years. As a result, this place with buildings located nearby was bought by one large company, which built a shopping mall on this site. But they say that in the depths of the shopping pavilions you can find the same bar. They also say that it is owned by the same person who lost it at cards.


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